Friday, February 24, 2006

You're a mom!

congratulations! Youv'e had a baby! Now What?
Here are a few tips to surviving and enjoying every single step of new motherhood!

Congratulations! Youv'e had a baby! Now What? by Chaele McMillan

Maybe you were in labor for 27 hours. Maybe you smiled and laughed the entire time while giving birth. Maybe you swore to your husband you would kill him if he did NOT pull up the video camera and don’t even think about sex..... EVER!

No matter how the labor was. You know that once that little tiny sweet angel was placed in your arms you were in L-O-V-E. It no longer matters that you just had a workout of a 100K marathon runner. It no longer matters that the nurse did not get you your pain medicine in time. You even might at this point forgive your hubby and give him a sweet kiss on the lips. Yes woman you have became a mother. The best job in the world. You will now count 10 little finger and 10 little toes. Check out the hair... Is it red? Is it black? . Such a sweet event.

Time to Bond with your bundle of joy:

Bond with your little on. Newborns can see objects that are 8 to 12 inches away. So my advice take her/him and gaze into their eyes. Kiss, sing, love your newest family member. These first few days are so precious and a great opportunity for you and your husband to bond with the little one.

You’re home!

Arriving home is exciting but also can be scarey. With my first one I would wake up every 30 to 45 minutes to check to see if she was breathing. I believe this is a common thing for all first time mothers. You will soon find though that you will be a baby expert within weeks. I always tell my friends who are first time mothers to follow your instincts. Do the natural things. Remember sometimes it takes a couple of different ways to get it to work. You will follow this rule for the rest of your life. What works today may not work tomorrow! Ask for help! If you need some sleep ask hubby to feed the baby. If your mom or mother in law offers to clean..... let them!

It may be the last time you will have a spotless house for th next 3 years!

Feeling Tired? Feeling Overwhelmed?

Being a new parent can be overwhelming at times. When I had my second son the birth and months after was very overwhelming. I had a great support team and I know I would have not got though the sleepless nights without my husband and family. Also try to find a playgroup in your area. This is a great way to bond with other new moms. Talk with your husband. Everything has changed for all of you so make sure both of you are in tune with each other. Make sure you set time for you, you and your husband and husband, baby and you. A baby can strengthen the bond between a husband and wife. Hire a babysitter or ask the Grandparents to come over while you go out. Get a haircut! Sleep. Take Care of you! Nurturing you will only help take care of you and the family.

Remember no matter what the bond you will forever have with your little one. You are a Mother! A great one at that!

Chaele McMillan is a mother of three. They are 5, 3 and 2. She owns Mom State University. (

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