Thursday, February 23, 2006

great article on what you need for a new baby

Fifteen Items that Every Newborn Baby NeedsThis is some great information for moms of new babies. I would add the number sixteen should be baby birth announcements from Polka Dot Box!

Fifteen Items that Every Newborn Baby Needs by Sherry Frewerd

With all of the adorable newborn clothes and new-fangled mommy-helpers' on the market these days, it's often confusing as to what your newborn really requires during the first couple of months. Well-meaning family and friends will flood new parents with every cute little outfit they see and the baby will either wear it once or never at all. 'Unique Gifts for Baby' has compiled a simple list of the most important 15 items that every new baby must have.

1.) Lightweight sleepers

2.) One piece snap shirts

3.) One or two 'showing off baby' outfits for visiting

4.) Jacket or snow suit for winter babies

5.) Socks

6.) Appropriate hat for the season

7.) Battery operated baby swing or bouncy seat

8.) Stock up on newborn size diapers (4-5 large packages)

9.) A sweater

10.) Baby wipes

11.) Mild baby soap

12.) Cotton swabs and alcohol for cleaning umbilical cord

13.) Approved newborn car seat

14.) Crib or bassinet

15.) Newborn baby grooming kit: nail clippers, comb/brush etc.

Certainly, there are other items out there that many mommies can't live without, but for the most part, this list will cover your newborn's initial needs quite well. Remember, you'll be buying most of these things in larger sizes before you know it. Make sure to buy your new baby age appropriate toys and you should consider a musical mobile or something like it that will attach to your baby's crib to help calm a fussy child.

Enjoy this special time and nest away while preparing for your new baby's arrival. Try your best not to stress over the small stuff and make sure you have the essentials before the baby gets here. Having everything you really need when you bring the baby home will relieve much of the anxiety that many new moms feel. Remember to ask for help if you need it and just love that baby!

About the Author: Sherry Frewerd publishes 'Unique-Gifts-for-Baby' and other baby and toddler related websites and blogs. Find that special baby the perfectly unique gift at

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